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Jami Robinson,

CEO | Creative Director



@Designer Chic Designs

we believe in the power of visual storytelling. I'm Jami "The Visual Storyteller" Robinson, the CEO and Creative Director, and I'm thrilled to be your new business bestie, here to help you shine like the star you are!


At Designer Chic Designs, we're not your ordinary Creative Design Agency. We're your ultimate destination for unleashing your brand's visual story. Our mission is to provide creative assistance to the fierce female entrepreneurs out there who are overwhelmed and looking for a creative compass to help them navigate their business journey.


Our journey began with a vision, a vision to create a space where female entrepreneurs could find a collaborator who vibes with their unique ideas and dares to think outside the box. We understand that your business is as unique as you are, and that's why we offer a wide array of services tailored to your specific needs.


Our services include Graphic & Web Design, Brand Strategy & Design, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Public Relations, and Photography. With these tools at our disposal, we're here to elevate your image and make sure you shine in every aspect.


As for me, I'm a Mother of 3 Amazing Humans and happily married to my Real Life Hero, a Navy Veteran. I consider myself a Hybrid designer, a blend of 50% self-taught and 50% academically trained. My unique perspective, rooted in my early experiences of having to "figure it out," fuels my mission to empower women-owned businesses in shaping their brand identity. I'm dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and elevating their brands to stand out in the market. My journey through life has given me a different perspective on all things creative. I have an insatiable love for everything artsy, eclectic, and full of color, and I'm here to share that passion with you. Because, as I always say, "life is all about perspective, the way YOU see things. Once you see the way you want to live, you will enjoy it." - Jami R.


So, if you're a female entrepreneur looking for a creative partner who's sassy, confident, professional, and friendly, look no further. Designer Chic Designs is here to transform your presence into something truly remarkable. Let's dive in, make your vision a reality, and set you on the path to success. Together, we'll conquer the world, one chic design at a time.

Jami R. | The Visual Storyteller
CEO, Creative Director


"Where imagination meets creation, and creativity knows no bounds –  Making you look good is not just our job; it's our passion and promise, as we infuse boundless creativity into every design and capture the essence of your world through the lens of innovation and photography, turning moments into timeless masterpieces."

- Jami R, CEO/Creative Director

Branding your business is like putting on your finest suit for the world to see. It's not just a look; it's a statement of style and substance that demands attention and respect. 

Social media management where creativity meets strategy, and sass meets class. Because in the world of business, it's not just about what you say; it's about how you say it and staying consistent.

Graphic design: where creativity meets the precision of a protractor and the flair of a fashionista. Because in the world of visuals, we don't just make things look good; we make them look sensational.

Professional photography: where images aren't just taken; they're crafted, curated, and captured with style. Because in the world of visuals, we don't snap, we slay.

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