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Murrays Beard Campaign

Social Media Content

- Content Creation
- Graphic Design

In the Beard Brothers campaign, my role was pivotal in enhancing the visibility of their new beard care line through a strategic digital content campaign centered around a highly engaging contest. This initiative spanned 6 to 8 months, focusing on increasing product and brand awareness while simultaneously searching for brand ambassadors. As the brand participated as sponsors and vendors at various events, the contest was designed to highlight the best-groomed beards, thereby promoting the brand's values of excellence in grooming and community engagement.

My responsibility was to create content that effectively communicated the brand's message, resonating deeply with our target audience. This involved crafting visually compelling posts, reels, and videos that not only highlighted the contest but also illustrated the quality and ethos of the Beard Brothers product line. The aim was to increase awareness and reach the brand's target market through clear, effective visual communication, ensuring that each piece of content contributed to a cohesive and engaging narrative that aligned with the brand's overall marketing objectives.

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